"Human enhancement, health and well-being through professional development based in individual qualification and social responsibility" (Dr Manuel Serrano Gil).

This an initiative from the Education, Health and Society Foundation, EHSF, in Spain, as a network of students, young professionals and senior researchers, in an online community of practice. It is an initiative of Dr Manuel Serrano-Gil, and updates and activities of this network can be followed here and at its Wikipedia page.

Keep reading if:

1) You are interested in your professional development (student or starting in your career) or a senior researcher or businessman sharing the values of this network, AND

2) You care about others, and want to know more, how from your job you can influence in the society for the common good at the international level


In addition to what we have done (see above on the left) we are now in the process of setting some new projects, basically in two areas:

1) Professional Development Program for University Students
2) Help online to pregnant mothers at risk for abortion in Latinoamerican countries, United States and Asia.

In case you may be interested to collaborate with us, please write to: manuel.serrano@globalalliancesms.org